Microwave Innovations defines Airborne Telemetry (AT) as products that are typically used in airborne missions such as:

  • Air-to-Air Missile & Targets
  • Air-to-Ground Delivery Systems
  • Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV)
  • Cruise & Stand-Off Missile System
  • ISR & High Altitude Research Balloons

Microwave Innovations AT transmitters and their supporting telemetry components and systems are used in a wide range of missions and cover the full range of video, data, and command & control link needs for all environments and performance requirements.

Microwave Innovations AT products support a full range of ARTM modulations such as Tier 0 PCM/FM (Legacy), and Tier I (SOQPSK-TG), and Tier II (Multi-H CPM).  The range of input data rates span from the low kbps to greater than 20 Mbps range through a number of common interface formats.  MI products accept all standard analog and video formats, and are available with factory set and some selectable RF frequency products for UHF, P, L, S, and C-Band operation.

In addition to the many models and performance features available, MI transmitters, receivers, and supporting AT products can meet all of the typical telemetry environments including temperature, vibration, shock, humidity, and EMI/EMC.  Program & Test requirements that are often requested and supported with these products for our customers include Preliminary & Critical Design Reviews, Test Reviews, and First Articles.

AT Airborne Telemetry Data Sheet

Multi-Band Receiver Data Sheet

L & S-Band Transmitter Data Sheet

ARTM 5W S-Band Transmitter Data Sheet

ARTM 10W S-Band Transmitter Data Sheet