Microwave Innovations defines Launch Telemetry as products that are typically used in flight vehicles such as:

  • Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV)
  • Research Sounding Rockets
  • Interceptors & Targets
  • LEO / Small & Mini Satellite
  • Commercial Space
  • Space Based Range GPS Tracking
  • Ballistic Missiles

Microwave Innovations ST transmitters and their supporting telemetry components and systems are used in a wide range of missions and cover the full range of video, data, and command and control link needs for all environments and performance requirements.

Microwave Innovations supports both recurring production and single flight mission product needs.  Depending on the requirements, MI products are built either as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COT’s) or with Up-Screened parts programs.  ST products are used in the most demanding flight performance requirements and support programs such as the Atlas IV, Delta V, and the Trident II D5 Ballistic Missile.  These same high products standards are also found in products supplied to NASA Sounding Rockets, Small Satellites, and Commercial Space Customers.

Microwave Innovations ST products can support FSK, BPSK, QPSK, PCM/FM, SOQPSK-TG, and Multi-H CPM modulations, and commonly cover the UHF, P, L, S and C-Bands for RF Operation with available transmit power from 1 to 30-Watt, including multiple and controlled transmitter output features.

In addition to the many models and performance features available, Microwave Innovations transmitters, receivers, and supporting ST products can meet all of the typical telemetry environments including temperature, vibration, shock, humidity, and EMI/EMC requirements.  Program & Test requirements that are often supported for our customers include Preliminary & Critical Design Reviews, Test Reviews, and First Articles.

Launch Telemetry Data Sheet

Space-Qualified 5 Watt L-Band RadHard

GPS MT 5W BPSK Transmitter Data Sheet

Multi-band FSK Receiver Data Sheet