Microwave Innovations defines Engineering & Systems Telemetry (ES) as projects and the resulting products as those support in part or complete telemetry kits used in flight vehicles serving each of the other product groups:

  • Munitions Telemetry (MT)
  • Ground Telemetry
  • Airborne (AT)
  • Space Telemetry (ST)

Microwave Innovations often provides engineering and system designs for its customers with an experienced engineering design team with development and test resources readily available for all of the legacy and current state-of-the art telemetry technologies.

Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) is often requested by our customers and can include a unique one-of-a-kind transmitter or a telemetry kit with full design, qualification test, and recurring production program.  There are no limitations to the size and scope of NRE programs MI is prepared to support and respond to telemetry requirements.  Examples of Microwave Innovations Engineering & Systems programs have included NRE and Test, often with short-term rapid development timelines for programs that have included:

  • UHF & S-Band Missile Receiver- Transmitter – Antenna and Ground Station for in-flight missile redirect and short range interception, Full Duplex Telemetry Data Link
  • Full S-Band Telemetry Kit design including: Transmitter, PCM Encoder, Power Supply and Harness Assemblies, coupled with small number rapid product for flight tests
  • Integrated Munitions Telemetry Kit including: Transmitter, PCM Encoder, Power Supply, and Antenna
  • UHF Antenna Power Divider Assembly
  • P-Band Ground Target Transmitter

Telemetry Data Link Data Sheet