Space-qualified Telemetry Transmitter 5 Watt, L-Band, QPSK STTL-3400 Series

This product entered into orbit at 17:09 UTC on Oct 7th and has successfully provided data to the customer since. It’s in the earliest stages of the 5 year mission.
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Telemetry Transmitter, Munitions 0.5 Watt, S-Band, FM

Microwave Innovations proudly offers our 0.5W, S-Band, munitions-qualified Telemetry Transmitter for customers needing high-reliability and proven performance in a very cost effective and compact package. This transmitter is designed to operate in harsh environments of smart munitions missions .


New 5-Watt 315 MHz P-Band Transmitter Announced

Microwave Innovations has completed qualification tests, shipped product, and has made a standard product a new small package high reliability P-Band transmitter for all COTS applications, ground, sea, air, space launch, and space applications with MI traditional full environmental performance capabilities.

Microwave Innovations Work Supports Space Force National Security NROL-82 Launch

A United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket carrying the NROL-82 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. MICROWAVE INNOVATIONS provides rugged telemetry hardware, downlinking mission critical data to ground support teams in order to allow for assessment of vehicle dynamics. Through this work, MICROWAVE INNOVATIONS, supports American national security by making space launch for important payloads possible.

United Launch Alliance Honors Microwave Innovations

45th Space Wing (AFSPC) Acceptance of United Launch Alliance (ULA) GPS Tracking System for Atlas V and Delta IV. Microwave Innovations congratulates the ULA team and all its supporting suppliers on the GPS Metric Tracking System (MTS) program and best wishes to all a long and successful future.

Microwave Innovations designs and builds telemetry transmitters, related supporting components, and systems for the Munitions, Aviation, and Space Launch telemetry programs.

We have been providing solutions to these programs for over two decades. Some of these missions are the most demanding, and by employing our performance-proven product, your assured success is our success. Whether it be legacy, or state-of-the-art telemetry, or a rapid-development, we can support your mission requirements, large or small.

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